Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pathologic: Retrospection

We're getting quite a few readers, which is awesome. If you're interested in knowing more about the blog, look at the links up at the top; the numbers indicate each "day" of the game. It's recommended you start from the beginning. Also: investigate the fine article by Quintin [Butchering Pathologic]. In case you're curious (and/or new), I stole the game's introduction to the two characters Kevin and I are playing. The bios make more sense as we burrow further into the game. Here they are:

The Bachelor - Daniel Dankovsky

The history of mankind knows such catastrophes that demonstrate the whole insignificance of our achievements and the victory of undefeatable Evil. Such are, of course, the epidemics of various contagious diseases that have destroyed whole cities in the past. The best and wisest of the participants of such events have all come to the same conclusion that it isn’t worth fighting in such circumstances, but is best to simply clench one’s teeth and take the losses.

This is the story of a man who performed a miracle and defeated an opponent when victory seemed impossible.

The Haruspicus - Artemiy Burakh

How do they call upon menkhu, the true followers of the family of hierophants? They are distinguished by their hands: the butchers, the surgeons, the healers of the lines, the leaders of the Order, the ones that speak to the udurgs, masters of the art of the Haruspicus. Who is called the Haruspicus? One who tells the future by the guts; he knows the body is similar to the Universe. His scalpel follows the lines of the body; his feet follow the way of his people. They are trusted with power when they know which line to choose. They are thrown into the dark flesh of the earth when they lose their way.

This is the story of a man who avoided a contradiction that threatened to destroy the doomed life, and masterfully reached his true destiny.

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